Every Great Journey Begins With The First Step


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Every great journey begins with the first step. Never be afraid to take that first step. Failures are the inevitable part of a successful journey. No journey is ever completed without mistakes and failures, but the successful end to the journey comes from those who dare to face all of the obstacles on the way and turn these failures into stepping stones to reach their destination.

Failures are inevitable, but accepting it as defeat is a choice – Ambreen Nadeem.

Today we completed the second year of LinkedIn it to Win I. Anniversaries are the opportunities to recollect our year gone memories, to cherish them again, and reflect on those memories. I would like to share my journey of creating the LinkedIn It to Win It (Inspire World) platform to make it successful.

Pre LinkedIn-It to Win It Phase

A decade ago, LinkedIn was considered a platform for a job search only. Many used to refer to it as an Online resume. LinkedIn has evolved over the period of time, and it is much more than just an online resume. I joined LinkedIn a long time back, but I was not a very active user.

LinkedIn has evolved, and we realized that it is time for us to evolve as well. However, there are many people still confused with LinkedIn Identity. Many people are not using this platform correctly.

Observation phase

We observed that many people on LinkedIn were using LinkedIn without any proper understanding of this platform.

We found out that there were three types of people on LinkedIn.

  1. Those who still think that LinkedIn is for Job-search only – these are the ones who send DMs requesting to arrange a job for them, posting their resumes on LinkedIn hoping that some recruiters will find them, or mostly post about Let’s connect.
  2. Those who take LinkedIn as Facebook and get fascinated by the numbers of followers. These people usually post videos from here and there, such as cute animals or kindness, to increase their followers. They have created several pods and groups to gain more visibility to boost their post
  3. Those who have no idea what to do with LinkedIn and they are mostly inactive users.

And then We spotted the opportunity!

The Beginning of LinkedIn it to win it

Nasir and I used to discuss the concern about what is happening on LinkedIn and how people are misusing this platform. Then he came up with the novel Idea of LinkedIn it to Win it.



What is LinkedIn It to Win It and Why Do We Run Campaigns Every Week?

The idea of LIWIT is different from pods or groups on LinkedIn. Mostly all the groups and pods are there, where all content creators support each other just by liking their posts. It is all about helping others to establish their brand on LinkedIn; that is why we choose one topic every week, which is mostly about Self Development and creating a healthy discussion on LinkedIn. One topic and hundreds of points of view on the same topic results in immense learning and growth.

Through campaigns, we initiate a process of learning – just like one candle can light up hundreds of candles. Everyone shares their learning and perspective on the same topic, and each one gets hundreds of comments on their post. That is how it creates a sort of domino effect. At the same time, many in-active members or those who did not know how to create content get an idea about what to write and how to convey their message. At the end of every campaign, we select winners of a campaign in order to acknowledge their efforts, so our members feel motivated to carry on.

The vision of LinkedIn it to Win It

The Vision of LinkedIn It to Win It is to help everyone on this platform to promote themselves effectively. We believe Personal Branding is important to make anyone stand out from the thousands of other people. It differentiates you from the rest of the crowd and makes you memorable.

That is why WE thrive on making an impact on this platform by engaging in different activities collectively and creating our Unique Identity that helps flourish for everyone.

The success of LinkedIn it to Win It

The best answer to those who create doubts about your dream is to confuse them with silence and shock them with the result. Initially, we received criticism, but we did not stop there and kept putting in our best efforts, and it gave us results.

A simple idea has proven to be very successful because our intentions to help others were pure, and we helped our members without expecting anything in return. Within months our small community turned into a big tribe, and now we have hundreds of members participating in campaigns every week.

Our campaign has helped them achieve their goals. Several members have received job offers, more clientele, and more importantly, they have realized their hidden potential. Those who used to post lame posts, like let’s connect or some random google shares, now are creating valuable genuine content of their own.

We are Dynamic and Progressive


As our platform is growing, so are we. We are constantly adding new features and new ideas to it, which can be the main reason for our success. When our campaigns were successful, we did not stop there. We introduced our Video Series with the name Guide to Greatness. We enhanced the user interface and made the entire process automated through our Web Portal. We changed its name from LinkedIn it to Win it to Inspirer World to leverage other social media platforms as well.

We are continuously working hard to make this platform better and better every day. Let’s join the community of like-minded people to create an impact.


Ambreen Nadeem is an Industrial Psychologist with more than 15+ years of experience in Marketing Research. She has diverse experience in Market Research Analyses, Client Relationships, Project Management, and Leadership in top multinational companies, both at the agency and client-side. She has been managing major projects for blue-chip clients in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, she advocates for mental health and spreads the knowledge of Psychology and Mental Health through her podcasts, live shows, workshops, and blogs.

Watch out for her upcoming book – Algorithm Of Life

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