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The Algorithm of Life
Description of the book

The Algorithm Of Life

This is Ambreen’s first book. The idea of the book was conceived 20
years ago. She set a goal to write her first book in 20 years, as she
wanted to give her readers credible and tested knowledge. She accumulated knowledge through the keen study of 100s of
books and her experience of encountering 1000s of lives.

The Algorithm of Life

Do you think you have a free will? Think again! Sun Follows its path its orbit immaculately, never derailed from its orbital path, and always shows up in the morning at the same time, not a single second delayed or early. According to neuroscientists, we make a decision a few milliseconds before it enters into consciousness. Our world is governed by physical laws. Fundamental laws of physics simply indicate that the universe is encoded in its initial conditions. Everything is an outcome of cause-and-effect interaction of atoms, such interaction formed stars, planets and eventually human brains and DNA. Such a beautiful orchestration of nature suggests that Every decision you had made and you will ever make is already pre-destined and we are merely bystanders witnessing the series of predetermined events. Our free will remains an illusion of control unless we understand the algorithm of our destiny. In this book, you will learn about how do these algorithms of life work and how can you take charge of your destiny.


Lameen Abdul-Malok

Ever wondered if your preconceived vision of yourself was set and that what you have now vis-à-vis your aspirations are set for eternity? Think again. Engage your thoughts to dream about a future where you  thrive beyond your current reality, where you engage your soul and how delightful it is to truly live. This  book will open up a new reality where your soul and trust in God will open up a path in your life that you  didn’t think was possible.

Lameen Abdul-Malik

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

In her book, Ambreen has really gone the extra mile by delving deep within her to bring out her thoughts and how she perceives that psychology is the root of our actions and beliefs. She has expertly brought in examples from history and of experts related to psychology. Her views on free will being an illusion and that everything is predestined to have strong relevance to my culture, which states that everything is written the moment you were born. Her concept of breaking that illusion of control and taking charge of destiny is very unique. It is a very inspiring read that will make you question and become curious about your actions.

Novnish Ramesh

Author Amazon Best Seller

“As an unconventional leader and lifelong student of self-development, I have always been fascinated with the concept of realizing one’s full potential. Do we follow the conservative advice of those around us or do we remove the barriers of our self-limiting beliefs and conditioning to visualize our dreams and put in the work to materialize them? I have come to the conclusion that the word “realistic” or the term “be realistic” is not only restrictive, but does not allow us the opportunity to chase our dreams, reach our destination, and live out what we were put on this earth to do. The beauty of this book is that it explores this concept in great detail and provides scientific, practical, and spiritual insights as to why we should all aim to live our best lives with no limitations. Ambreen explains that freedom is merely an illusion and has provided a concept that defines how we can all take charge of our destiny. We are not ordained or conditioned to live a ‘normal’ life that ticks the boxes of other people’s expectations of us. As Ambreen mentions in this thought-provoking book, each one of us is given a particular set of abilities,  skills, and circumstances to play our role. It is in our hands to choose the role we want to play in life, and we choose that role of our own will. The book not only provides a framework on how one can do just that but approaches the topic from many different perspectives that complement the concept and perfectly articulate a solution. If you’re looking to take charge of your destiny and steer your destiny as per your desire, then I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

Ahmad Imam

International Influencer
Mark Victor

“To achieve our best life ever, we need to know the pattern integrity of our very existence. Now, at last,  The Algorithm of Life awakens you to you. Your divine self-awareness will have you break through to a  hundred percent of your potential because you will be monitoring yourself fully and completely. We all read out the diagnostics on our car dashboard and know more about that than we do about our own life, mind,  soul, and body. Now, you hold the secrets of you ready to be revealed as you read, understand, absorb and experience yourself like never before in one book.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Roger Brooks

“Ambreen Nadeem has written an exceptional book that she has been compiling in her thoughts, and within her work, for more than twenty years. Writing a book carries with it the spiritual journey of the author in creating a work of art, much like an artist creates a painting on a canvas. Each chapter, each paragraph, and each sentence is intentional in expressing thoughts in a way that will connect with the reader, and Nadeem has certainly accomplished such a connection. Within these pages, you receive the entire code to choose your destiny as Nadeem articulates so clearly. The Algorithm of Life answers questions to what the author faced herself as she searched, and eventually found the answers regarding her theory about free will and how to take charge and steer your own destiny based on your ultimate desires. Be prepared, therefore, when you uncover Nadeem’s philosophy, to experience a transformation, which just may help you navigate the next great chapter of your life.”

Roger Brooks

Founder of American Real The Publisher and Media Compan
Preston Weekes

“This book is a beacon of light for people trying to find a new path of discovery and feel stuck! There are natural occurrences that keep happening in life, but you can learn how to be the catalyst for change. Ambreen dives deep into the understanding and control we have over our own souls. This book is a launch into a new understanding that can recreate your world.”


Preston Weekes

Co-Founder of FormulaEQ.com
Neoloy Roy

Ambreen Nadeem’s book “The Algorithm of Life” is a refreshing and unique read, clearly standing out  from the deluge of the Change Management Books that have swarmed us, especially after the advent of  the pandemic. Unlike the usual cacophony of adjusting, coming to terms, and changing the external  world on which we have increasingly less control, Ambreen correctly asks us to focus inwards and realize  the amount of control as well as the vast and virtually limitless potential we possess. She puts forth very  real and ubiquitous examples and techniques of how we can assume control of our lives and channel our  enormous essence through the 4Gs: Defining our GOALS, Possessing the GUTS, Trusting our GUT and  above all believing in GOD. Her read epitomizes how to truly break boundaries through self-realization and zero in on certainty in these continuing uncertain times. After reading this, it dawns upon us that we  are the rulers of our lives, writing our own algorithms in which we define our roles and rules thus  carving out our destiny. A stand-out book which all of us can easily identify with and implement the  takeaways. Simply outstanding!

Neeloy Roy Chowdhury

Author, Coach Mentor
Harare Anora

The Algorithm of Life is a complete book that details everything you need to know about the principles of life, enriched by different disciplines including science, psychology, history, and more. Ambreen’s book embraces a deep approach and new perspectives on self-awakening and how to take control of your destiny, through a journey that reconciles the mind, body, and soul. It is an outstanding book that can help anyone achieve an inner triumph over life challenges by choosing the role we want to play.

Hanane Anoua

Global Goodwill Ambassador and Life Coach

The 24 Hours Wonder

No fewer than 24 hours after the book (The Algorithm Of Life) went public on Amazon, it was ranked as a best seller with great feedback from keen noble individuals that got the book. The number of reach keeps growing by the day.

Algorithm Of Life

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