Algorithm of Life

Do you think you have free will? Think again!

Sun Follows its path its orbit immaculately, never derailed from its orbital path, and always shows up in the morning same time every day, not a single second delayed or early.

According to neuroscientists, we make a decision a few milliseconds before it enters into consciousness.
Physical laws govern our world. Fundamental laws of physics indicate that the universe is encoded in its initial conditions. Everything is an outcome of the cause-and-effect interaction of atoms. Such interaction formed stars, planets, and eventually human brains and DNA. Such a beautiful orchestration of nature suggests that Every decision you have made, and you will ever make is already pre-destined. You are merely bystanders witnessing the series of predetermined events.

Free will remains an illusion of control unless you understand the algorithm of our destiny. In this book, you will learn about how to do these algorithms of life work and how you can take charge of your destiny.

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